Resource Materials for Serious Students of Islam

This site is dedicated to all those travelers on the road to religious knowledge. Those who, tasting from its copious wells are satiated with nothing else in the world. It is mostly a collection of my personal notes and essays, in my own humble quest for knowledge over the years. Remember that knowledge is the inheritance of the Prophets and the only road to those lush gardens of Paradise we all dream of. As Imam Zamakhsari said:

Knowledge is for the Beneficent One, Exalted be His Magnificence

While All Else Plunges Into the Depths of its Own Ignorance. 

I implore Allah to reward and bless my parents, grandparents and all of my teachers, including the late Shaykh Al-Phaheem Jobe, Shaikh Abu Ishaq, Shaykh Ramadan El-Sabbagh,Shaykh Khidr Lawrence, Khalifah Abdul-Wali, Shaykh Walid Atif, Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef, Shaykh Yasser Birjas, Shaykh Abdul-Bari Yahya, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, Ustadh Muhammad Faqih, Ustadh Abdul-Rahman Saleh, Abu Reehan and others.

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