Let You Iman Soar Alafasy style!

Come experience the new album (Dhekryat), and let your iman soar, Shaykh Alafasy style!

  1. Intro: Sample clips of all tracks
  2. Inta Meen
  3. Qullee
  4. Shafee al Khalaiq: A Tribute to the Prophet’s status as intercessor of all creation, and a moving account of the Day of Judgment, including the Fount (Hawd), the River of Salsabeel, etc.
  5. Ilallah
  6. Yubah
  7. La Ilaha Illallah: A beautiful and surreal reflection on the majesty of Allah.
  8. Suhbatik
  9. Ma Talana
  10. Syed al Akhlaq: A Tribute to the leader of humanity, the Prophet of Islam.
  11. Aldhareer: An emotional reflection on the blessing of sight, through the words of a blind boy speaking to his mother.
  12. Jall al Badee
  13. Tazakkur
  14. Ya Man Aza
  15. Adfayta: Reflection on beautiful manners.
  16. Rayyid
  17. Asma Allah al Husna: Allah’s names and attributes, Alfasy-style.
  18. Ya Biladi: A tribute to a nation. View video here.

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