Eye-Opener in Hanafi Fiqh

Today we were graced with the visit of Imam Nasir Jangda, a scholar and imam of the Hanafi legal school who presented to us Hanafi fiqh from an insiders view, including a perspective on the Deobandi movement. As Shaykh Yasir Qadhi himself admitted, it was indeed an eye-opener for all of us. Imam Nasir was literally flocked by individuals fielding endless questions, many of which were answered. You can download one of his handouts here: The Deobandi Movement.


7 thoughts on “Eye-Opener in Hanafi Fiqh

  1. Did he mention the aqeedah of deoband? Because dar-ul-uloom on their website states that they are maturidi in aqeedah, and they follow tareeqahs etc.

  2. I actually had the same exact question for him, but could not have it answered directly due to the shortage of time and the tremendous flow of questions for him. But he did address it in the course of comments and other questions, by repeatedly affirming that the Deobandi institution is a conglomerate of various schools of thought, even in issues of aqeedah, and that there is no standard aqeedah, such as the Maturidi aqeedah. He also mentioned that in his own studies, his teachers followed a more orthodox approach to aqeedah studies, which they termed the “aqeedah of the mutaqaddimeen (earliest generations),” and used texts such as Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab’s Kitab al-Tawheed and Ibn Abideen’s commentary on the Tahawiyah creed.

    I still intended to ask him about the comments on the website but alas could not.

  3. That is fine alhamdulillah, as long as his personal aqeedah is fine. Indeed what is he saying may be the case, as I have myself witness lots of flavor of deobandis in aqeedah. But I guess their official thing is what is on their website. Usually deobandis have no issue in tawheed of Iloohiya and Rabooboyah, but more in Asmaa wa Sifaat.

  4. My brother you are too harsh with your fellow Muslims. That link you provided is a simplistic, shallow analysis with much in the way of exaggeration and broad, sweeping generalizations based on small, brief statements taken selectively from various works, probably out of context. Not very convincing from an academic perspective.

    It is high time to move beyond shallow, extremist thought and towards a moderate, balanced and comprehensive understanding of the Noble Qur’an and authentic Sunnah.

  5. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    EID Mubarak! How many people were actually there besides myself? The Imam actually himself mentioned the different “flavors” of the Deobandi curriculum and that there is no set aqeedah to be taught within it. He even said the first book he was taught was Kitab al-Tawheed. La ilah il Allaah. Lets not be so quick to judge inshaa’Allaah. wasalaam

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