Disney World versus Jannah

epcotThe other day we were walking in the park. My four-year old, a little girl obsessed with castles and fairies and the Magic Kingdom, remarks: “Disney World is better than Jannah!” My six-year old, Zayd, corrects her, “No, Sarah, Jannah is better! In Jannah you can think about something and have it. You can even have all the candy you want, and you won’t get cavities! And if the candy is hard, it becomes soft so you can eat it!”

كلّ مولودٍ يُولد على الفطرة

We can learn a lot from children, created on the pure nature of the fitrah. At times their skills of logical deducton and advanced understanding is incomparable to ours, cluttered with our own complexes and colored views of the world.

3 thoughts on “Disney World versus Jannah

  1. mashaAllah, may Allah bless you and your family.

    I remember having a similar conversation with my siblings when we were younger. May Allah ta’ala bless us with Jannah.

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