Have You Ever EXPERIENCED Salah?

When was the last time you experienced Salah? Have you ever lost yourself in it? Do you know the words that you recite? Salah was the nourishment of the Prophet, what sustained him through difficult times. And so it can be for us. Listen to our special guest Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda of Bayyinah Institute deliver some moving and inspiring words on the topic. Born and raised in Texas and having pursued Islamic studies in Pakistan, including memorizing the Qur’an, multiple degrees in Arabic and the Alim course, Shaykh AbdulNasir is a unique example of the next generation of young Muslims taking things to another level, delivering fresh perspectives and inspiring hearts and minds. [From MCMC, NJ 3-18-2010 click to listen]

4 thoughts on “Have You Ever EXPERIENCED Salah?

    • wa alaikumusalam. Unfortunately the battery on my recorder died. Fortunately we only lost the last 10 minutes, which consisted mostly of announcements regarding his upcoming class..

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