Presenting Childrens Bequest to Khalid al-Juhaym

I had the honor of presenting my new Tajweed book Childrens Bequest to Shaykh Khalid al-Juhaym from Kuwait on 8/19/10 at the 96th St Masjid. After reviewing it briefly, he was extremely pleased and remarked, “By Allah, this is the best gift I have received!”

6 thoughts on “Presenting Childrens Bequest to Khalid al-Juhaym

  1. as salaam ‘alaikum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh,

    I am interested in seeing a preview of the first one or two chapters, please. I need to see the format and layout, etc. to better determine if it will meet my needs.


  2. I did see the preview on – yet it only is of the cover, foreward, table of contents, preface, and backcover, etc.

    I need to see the text itself, please. It it a translation, with sharh? or what exactly is it related to Tufaah?


    • The book actually has 2 levels- a translation and brief commentary of the Tuhfa text as well as an independent textbook of Tajweed, which you can use without worrying about the Tuhfah. I can try to send you a preview when I get home tomorrow Allah willing.

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