About Me

أنا الذي هَمّهُ مَنزلة الخادم

للقرآنِ وَ سُنّةِ النِّبِيِّ الفاضِلِ

وَ يا ليتَنِي أَن أكونَ عَبد اللهِ طالب علمهِ

فَلَستُ إلا عبيد الله طويلب الإسلامِ

One who aspires to the rank of service, am I

To the Book, to the way of the Noble Prophet, am I

Slave of Allah, disciple of his light, I yearn to be

. . . but . . .

to Allah a measly servant, of Islam a lowly student, am I.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Assalamuralaikum,
    Can you PLEASE forward to my email address, the meaning of ‘Uwaymir’ since my aunt wish to give this beautiful name to her newly born baby ? Can you PLEASE reply me before Monday 18 June 2012?
    Jazaakal Allah khairun..

  2. As-salamu aleykum wa rahmatullah dear brother Abu Zayd,

    How are you? Masha’Allah, you have a beautiful and beneficial website! I like it. This is brother Harun from the Netherlands, we met in Dec. last year in London at the maqra’ah, remember? How are things? We organized a maqra’ah here last month alhamdulillah, it was great. Keep in touch insha’Allah.

    Take care wa salam,

    your brother Harun

  3. As-Salâmu ‘Alayka Akhî,

    Jazâk Allâhu Khayran for the translation of Al-Bayqûniyyah. I used it for a basis when giving an explanation of it in English.

    May Allâh reward you for the spreading of knowledge that was made easier through this translation.

  4. Assalamu alaykum Dr Abu Zayd – we would like to purchase bulk quantityof your book Childrens’ Bequest. I am emailing from IslamicBookstore.com. Can u pls call me at 4106750040 x15 or email be back with details?

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