Let You Iman Soar Alafasy style!

Come experience the new album (Dhekryat), and let your iman soar, Shaykh Alafasy style!

  1. Intro: Sample clips of all tracks
  2. Inta Meen
  3. Qullee
  4. Shafee al Khalaiq: A Tribute to the Prophet’s status as intercessor of all creation, and a moving account of the Day of Judgment, including the Fount (Hawd), the River of Salsabeel, etc.
  5. Ilallah
  6. Yubah
  7. La Ilaha Illallah: A beautiful and surreal reflection on the majesty of Allah.
  8. Suhbatik
  9. Ma Talana
  10. Syed al Akhlaq: A Tribute to the leader of humanity, the Prophet of Islam.
  11. Aldhareer: An emotional reflection on the blessing of sight, through the words of a blind boy speaking to his mother.
  12. Jall al Badee
  13. Tazakkur
  14. Ya Man Aza
  15. Adfayta: Reflection on beautiful manners.
  16. Rayyid
  17. Asma Allah al Husna: Allah’s names and attributes, Alfasy-style.
  18. Ya Biladi: A tribute to a nation. View video here.

An Evening With Shaykh Alafasy

Come enjoy an evening with the renowned Shaykh Mishary bin Rashed Alafasy as he answers your questions on his first visit to the US. Includes honorary poem dedicated to the Shaykh- Yabnal Afasy. Exclusive Translation courtesy of