The Right Pathway to Studying Ḥadīth

The Right Pathway to Studying Ḥadīth

The right pathway to studying Prophetic ḥadīth is the subject of much debate, especially in light of the sheer volume and complexity of the ḥadīth corpus. Dr. Akram points out that there was a historical duality that occurred around the 5th Ḥijrī century, with ḥadīth being transformed from being treated as historical reports that required scrutiny to sacred texts requiring due reverence. This led to a laxity in the community which undermined sound knowledge, and continues to do so today. Continue reading


The Meaning of Ijāzah

The True Role of Ijāzah within Islamic Scholarship

The Ijāzah is a unique and cardinal feature of the Islamic tradition, arising from the earliest times to ensure a degree of protection and accuracy to the transmission of knowledge. At the same time, its usage over time varied while its exact meaning, scope and role within the Islamic sciences remains hotly contested and misunderstood from various quarters. Here, Dr. Akram, a traditional scholar par excellence, shares his valuable thoughts on this subject.




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The Crystal Clear Book

In this monograph, Dr. Akram shares his personal reflections on the Qurʾān, in this case, on the idea of the Qurʾān as a clear and lucid Book that is independent and free of the need for extensive external commentaries, which can often become distractions to its real message.



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Read in the Name of Thy Lord who Created

The very first revelation came down with one bold word and one unmistakable commandRead! Though crystal clear in its wording, it has been variably interpreted and celebrated throughout history. In this brief article, Dr. Akram reveals his own thoughts on this misunderstood command. For him, it is no endorsement of education or the sciences, but an emphasis of the prayer, which is of central importance in the Islamic faith.

The Real Meaning of Read in the Name of Your Lord-1

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A Book Free of Aberration

In this monograph, Dr. Akram continues his personal reflections on the Qurʾān, in this case, on the idea of the Qurʾān as a straightforward Book that is free of aberrations and crookedness, which many human beings have attempted to muddle with their restrictions and excesses, all of which mar the pure and straight Qurʾānic path.

A Book Free of Aberration-1

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