Read in the Name of Thy Lord who Created

The very first revelation came down with one bold word and one unmistakable commandRead! Though crystal clear in its wording, it has been variably interpreted and celebrated throughout history. In this brief article, Dr. Akram reveals his own thoughts on this misunderstood command. For him, it is no endorsement of education or the sciences, but an emphasis of the prayer, which is of central importance in the Islamic faith.

The Real Meaning of Read in the Name of Your Lord-1

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A Book Free of Aberration

In this monograph, Dr. Akram continues his personal reflections on the Qurʾān, in this case, on the idea of the Qurʾān as a straightforward Book that is free of aberrations and crookedness, which many human beings have attempted to muddle with their restrictions and excesses, all of which mar the pure and straight Qurʾānic path.

A Book Free of Aberration-1

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The Wisdom Behind the Number of Units of Prayer

In a previous monograph, Dr. Akram revealed some of his insights into the timings of prayer and how they relate to the Ibrāhīmic call. In this one, he takes a deeper look at the number of units of prayer in a full day, expounding on their wisdom and touching on some brief issues relating to the obligatory and supererogatory prayers, the Witr prayer and the Tarāwīḥ of Ramadan.

Please note that this translation has been revised as of May 21, 2018 to correct two mistakes. 

The Number of Units of Prayer-1

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