A 1959 Conversation with Maulānā Maudūdī

This report of a meeting with Maulānā Maudūdī appeared in the Independence issue of the weekly Lail-O-Nahar, Lahore on August 16, 1959. It was written by Mr. Abdul Qadir Hasan. See pg 21-28, Selected Speeches and Writings of Maulānā Maudūdī, International Islamic Publishers, Karachi, 1982.

On a beautiful rainy day, when the evening shadows were lengthening out and white clouds were still hanging over the sky after a good downpour, my colleague Seli and I were trying to find our way through mud and water on a slimy street at Ichra in Lahore. The street led to 5-A Zeldar Park, the residence of Maulānā Maudūdī. As we entered the bungalow, we caught sight of a cluster of gentlemen sitting in chairs on the clean floor in front of the verandah with a flower garden in the background. They were apparently pondering over something in the right earnest, quite oblivious of the enchanting atmosphere. Insensible as they were to the blooming flowers close by and the fragrance of exhilarating breezes, their dull features were suggestive of the austerity of the puritanical life they had been leading.

In the midst of them was seated in an armed chair a handsome and elegant gentleman with a sweet smile brightening his attractive features. He seemed to be fifty or somewhere thereabout. His broad forehead bore the marks of wisdom and sagacity and his eyes kindled with piercing intelligence. Here was Maulānā Maudūdī, the enlightened thinker of the Islamic world, with whom we had the opportunity to spend some time that evening. We had gone to interview him with minds full of questions and fears and confronted with the problem of selecting out of them a few questions to be put to him within the limited time at our disposal. Continue reading