Presenting Islam to West Point Military Cadets

I had the pleasure of presenting Islam on behalf of 877-Why-Islam to a gathering of West Point Military Academy Cadets and other officials on behalf which was highly appreciated. One gentleman from the US Attorney General’s office remarked to me, “Every school in NJ should receive this presentation.”

[download the presentation Presenting Islam v2.0]

Shaykh al-Husary Visits Jersey City in 1978

The late Shaykh and undisputed master of Quranic recitation Mahmoud Khalil al-Husary visited the Islamic Center of Jersey City in 1978 along with the late Shaykh Abdel-Halim Mahmoud. These are original photographs, never before published, submitted to me by a dear friend, whose father took the pictures himself. Shaykh Abdel-Halim died 9 months after these pictures were taken while Shaykh al-Husary died 2 years later, may Allah have mercy on them both.


Eid Mubarak to all from Six Flags!

Farewell Ilm Summit

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce to all who tune in for glimpes into Ilm Summit, that we had to leave today, unexpectedly, due to a family emergency. Please make duah for my younger sister who underwent heart surgery today.

I am going to miss everyone at Ilm Summit. It is said that knowledge makes its students like family.

اﻠﻌﻟﻡ ﺭﺤﻡ ﺑﻴﻦ ﺍﻫﻠﻪ

Insha’allah I plan to to post the notes from some of the more beneficial sessions here in the near future.

Eye-Opener in Hanafi Fiqh

Today we were graced with the visit of Imam Nasir Jangda, a scholar and imam of the Hanafi legal school who presented to us Hanafi fiqh from an insiders view, including a perspective on the Deobandi movement. As Shaykh Yasir Qadhi himself admitted, it was indeed an eye-opener for all of us. Imam Nasir was literally flocked by individuals fielding endless questions, many of which were answered. You can download one of his handouts here: The Deobandi Movement.