Shaykh Alafasy Does it Again

A Ramadan gift to all the Alafasy fans- a beautiful tribute to our Beloved Prophet, maal-habeeb, maybe his greatest nasheed yet!

Let You Iman Soar Alafasy style!

Come experience the new album (Dhekryat), and let your iman soar, Shaykh Alafasy style!

  1. Intro: Sample clips of all tracks
  2. Inta Meen
  3. Qullee
  4. Shafee al Khalaiq: A Tribute to the Prophet’s status as intercessor of all creation, and a moving account of the Day of Judgment, including the Fount (Hawd), the River of Salsabeel, etc.
  5. Ilallah
  6. Yubah
  7. La Ilaha Illallah: A beautiful and surreal reflection on the majesty of Allah.
  8. Suhbatik
  9. Ma Talana
  10. Syed al Akhlaq: A Tribute to the leader of humanity, the Prophet of Islam.
  11. Aldhareer: An emotional reflection on the blessing of sight, through the words of a blind boy speaking to his mother.
  12. Jall al Badee
  13. Tazakkur
  14. Ya Man Aza
  15. Adfayta: Reflection on beautiful manners.
  16. Rayyid
  17. Asma Allah al Husna: Allah’s names and attributes, Alfasy-style.
  18. Ya Biladi: A tribute to a nation. View video here.

Iqbal on the Muslim Nation

My brother Qasim brought to my attention an inspiring nasheed version of a timeless classic- Tarana-e-Milli, the celebrated poem of Iqbal on the Muslim nation [download here]. It is a simple message that rings as true today as it did in those neocolonial days that witnessed the dawn of Islamic revival and thought. Oh, let this message ring once more . . .


China and Arabia is ours, India is ours

We are Muslims and the whole world is our homeland

The treasure of tawhid is in our hearts,

It is not easy to wipe out our name and mark.

The first house we have liberated from idols is the Ka’abah;

We are its custodians, and she is our protector

We have grown up in the shadows of swords,

Our mascot is the crescent shaped dagger

Our prayer calls have reverberated in the valleys of the west,

The force of our flow could not be stopped by anyone

O the skies! we will not be subdued by falsehood,

You have tried (our steadfasteness) a hundred times!

O, the garden of Andalusia! do you remember those days –

When our abode was the nest on your branches?

O, the waves of Tigris! surely, you recognize us –

Your river tells our tales even to this day

O, the pure land! we have bled and died for your honor,

Our blood flows in your veins until now

The leader of our caravan, is the Prince of Hijaz (Muhammad)

It is his name that keeps our heart in comfort and peace.

Iqbal’s song is a clarion call

For the caravan to rise and continue the journey once more.


ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ILM: A Conversation with Shaykh Jamaal Zarabozo

 Shaykh Jamaal

Allahu Akbar! I just had the distinct honor and privelege of hosting the renowned Shaykh Jamaal Zarabozo for the day, in the aftermath of the Why Islam symposium on Saturday night. It was a stormy day of wintery weather, but that in no way prevented us from benefiting from his presence. We began with a power-charged informal session of one-on-one questions and advice with the Shaykh in the Why Islam center in Somerset, NJ, and the audio is available here:

A Conversation with Shaykh Jamaal

This was followed by, . . . lunch in my house with Jamaal Zarabozo!!! Masha’allah, to add to the baraka, we were joined by Imam Abu Muslima, who came to enjoy the company of Shaykh Jamaal. More to come . . .