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supplementsThe Muslim community remains rightfully vigilant, to a large-extent, with respect to the consumption of food items, but unfortunately, in the realm of medications— particularly supplements and non-essentials, there is far too little awareness of what goes into them. Furthermore, the principle of necessity is often wrongfully invoked in these cases. We intend to post on this page our ongoing research with respect to specific items and brands common in our medical experience. Please visit often, and email us for suggestions and comments.

Format of entry is as follows: Product Name by Manufacturer: result [date and type of correspondence with manufacturer]

  • Vitamin D3 by Rugby: gelatin of animal source, likely beef possibly pork [telephone 6/1/09]
  • Citracal by Bayer Pharmaceuticals: trace amounts of bovine gelatin, vitamin D from wool grease and suspended in gelatin matrix [email 4/30/09]
  • Repliva iron supplement by Ther-Rx: pork-based ingredients [telephone 6/2/09]
  • Cosamin DS by Nutramax Labs: glucosamine component from crabshell, chondrytoin component from bovine, gelatin in capsule from bovine source [telephone 8/1/11]
  • Avoca ASU by Nutramax Labs: vegetarian friendly but contains only MSM and glucosamine as chondrytoin not available in non-animal form [telephone 8/1/11]
  • Encora supplement by Ther-Rx: pork-based ingredients [telephone 6/2/09]
  • Strovite Advance + D by Everett Labs: no animal ingredients used [telephone6/2/09]
  • Synthroid by Abbott: bovine (beef)-based ingredients [telephone 6/2/09]

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