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Presenting a New Translation of the Ode of Bayqūnīyyah

The Ode of Bayqūnīyyah is a celebrated primer of ḥadīth terminology that represents the entry of a student of knowledge into the very broad discipline of ḥadīth sciences. Authored by ʿUmar b. Muḥammad  b. Futūḥ al-Bayqūnī [lived circa 1080H/1669CE], a Shāfiʿī scholar of Damascus about whom very little is known, it comprises 34 couplets of poetry covering exactly 34 types of ḥadīth. Upon completion of its study and receiving an ijāzah in this text going back to the author, I am pleased to present an original verse translation into English for the first time. Please note that this is a non-traditional, flowing translation and not a commentary, and should be studied with the aid of a teacher or a detailed commentary.

[Download as pdf here / Read bio of Imām al-Bayqūnī here]


أَبْـدَأُ بِالْحَمْـدِ  مُصَلِّـياً  عَلَى      مُحَمَّـدٍ خَـيرِ نَبِـيٍّ أُرْسِلاَ

Begin I do with praise, and prayers and salutations

On Muḥammad the Noble Prophet, the finest ever commissioned

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