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Ringing in the New Year: Maintaining Istiqamah in 2010

Today marks the first day of the year 2010 of the Gregorian Calendar, coinciding with the first month of the Islamic lunar year. While the world celebrates, what should be our stance as believers? What lessons can Muslims draw from this time? Live from Masjid Taqwa, Brooklyn, NY . . . [click here for part 1 / part 2]

7 Steps to Istiqamah After Ramadan

yellow roadHaving graduated from the school of Ramadan, the most pressing lesson for the ummah is that of istiqamah. It is the second-most important command after iman. It is a command that made the Prophet’s hair turn white. Come take a look at the concept of istiqmah, its virtue and importance and 7 means to achieve and maintain it in the aftermath of Ramadan. From the mimbar of Masjid Tawheed. . .

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