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Presenting Islam to West Point Military Cadets

I had the pleasure of presenting Islam on behalf of 877-Why-Islam to a gathering of West Point Military Academy Cadets and other officials on behalf which was highly appreciated. One gentleman from the US Attorney General’s office remarked to me, “Every school in NJ should receive this presentation.”

[download the presentation Presenting Islam v2.0]

Truthfulness- A Modern Casualty

1754534In today’s world, the qualities of truthfulness and honesty have become casualties, and Muslims are no exception. Deception and falsehood are rewarded, while honesty does not get you very far. There are professional institutions thriving- and much money being made, on various schemes of making you seem younger through different means, padding or “enhancing your resumes,” changing your eye color, teaching you how to promote your viewpoints and propaganda irrespective of the truth, political correctness, etc.

One of the most basic teachings Islam promotes is al-Sidq (truthfulness), and gives the promise of a day to come, when the truthful will profit from their truth [5:119]. In this khutbah from Masjid al-Iman, we examine this teaching in some detail. [click to listen]