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Ahl al-Qur’ān: A Look at the Remarkable Imāms That Brought Us the Qur’ān

The Ten Imams and their Transmitters

by Dr Abu Zayd

Imām Ibn ‘Āmir al-Shāmī (d 118H): Abū ‘Imrān ‘Abdullah b. ‘Āmir b. Yazīd b. Tamīm al-Yaḥṣabī was born in the northern region of Jordan in the year 8H (in the lifetime of the Prophet) and migrated with his family at the age of ten to Syria, one of the promising new Muslim lands. He lived his entire live in Damascus, the Muslim capitol, where he learned from and was trained by the wealth of Companions who flooded those lands, including Mu‘āwiyah b. Abī Sufyān, al-Nu‘mān b. Bashīr, Abu’l-Dardā’ and others. He excelled in the knowledge of the Qurʼān and became the Imām of the Umayyad Mosque during the time of ‘Umar b. ‘Abdu’l-‘Azīz and later the chief judge (Qāḍī) of the capitol. Among the Imāms of recitation, he has the highest chain of narrators to the Prophet. The scholar Ibn Mujāhid who first documented the seven readings wrote that the reading of Ibn ‘Āmir was the dominant one in Syria and the Arabian peninsula in his day. Ibn al-Jazarī confirmed that the people of Syria remained exclusively upon this reading until the sixth century. He died in Damascus in the year 118 on the day of ‘Āshūrā at the age of 110. Today his reading lives on in portions of Yemen.

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