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The World Deserves to Know Islam

This was a tribute to the brothers and sisters of ICNA-WhyIslam’s NYC subway project whose tireless efforts in the path of education and dissemination of Islamic information, which is none other than the path of the Holy Prophet, continues to be a ray of hope in this country. This article originally appeared on MuslimMatters.

One day in a lonely cave on a barren mountain in the outskirts of Makkah, the heavens and the earth collided for a moment that would change the course of history forever. The very first words of Heavenly revelation came down to a youthful man of Makkah who would become the saviour of the world.

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Are You Smarter than . . .

Have you ever come across someone who was content to be dumb? In fact, intelligence is one of the most universally sought after human qualities. There is a tremendous emphasis in our society on being smart, IQ scores, cleverness, etc. In this brief khutbah we examine what is true intelligence and foolishness, from the perspective of the greatest and smartest human being that ever live- the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him. [click to listen]